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Anger Management description: This workshop is designed to introduce anger management by developing participant’s understanding and awareness of when and why anger is present in their life, stimulus that trigger negative emotions, and how those negative emotions can effect their ability to think clearly. Since many of the participants do not display the necessary skills to express themselves appropriately, this course offers them a unique opportunity to rehearse their newly acquired skills. The major concepts, definitions, and strategies presented will provide the participants with tools for handling their emotions more skillfully and they will learn effective decision-making as it applies/relates to positive outcomes. Helping participants understand that feelings of anger are neither right nor wrong, but actions are, will assist in their ability to make better choices. We… Identify the root causes of anger while teaching practical techniques in anger and behavioral management. Teach life coping skills that will help individuals gain insight and learn strategies in order to combat anger, aggression, low self-esteem, and fear. Administer seminars and workshops that provide resources and material that will aid participants in their social and emotional well-being. Connect with and mentor youth from all backgrounds to present basic guidelines in survival skills and in the management of their emotions. Program Objectives and Goals Given a hypothetical, confrontational situation, participants will be able to use anger management techniques to reach a positive outcome. Participants will be able to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate displays of anger Participants will have the ability to create a situation and formulate an effective recourse in accordance with materials covered in class within a 15 minute period Participants will be encouraged to interact with one another to give and receive honest and respectful feedback, which will assist them in gaining insight and learning through the experiences of others Through group involvement participants will improve listening skills and their ability to demonstrate empathy and patience Topic Outline   Trigger  Physical Sensation Thoughts Feelings Behavior Consequences
Anger Management