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Regna Services
Together We CAN Turn Things Around
To receive additional information, please contact us: 301 Heights Lane  P. O. Box 443 Feasterville, PA 19053-0443 Phone: 1-888-815-8762 arthur@regna.us
When I feel like I can be me, that's when I'll like me Overview: Many teens still struggle to understand who they are and as a result do not like who they are. This session will help them to understand where they are in life and give them strategies which will help them decide who they want to be and to have a level of comfort with who they are presently until they achieve their acceptable identity. Where I am does not dictate who I am Overview: Many times people judge themselves off of how others see them and not how they view themselves. We tend to judge from a person's outward appearance and we have no idea what they possess inside. In turn, we begin to live our lives based on the need to uphold a certain reputation and we neglect to present that internal self that lies within. Said best by John Wooden, "One should be more concerned with character than reputation; character is who you truly are and reputation is who others think you are." Getting Busy and Wil'n Out Overview: Non-judgmental talk about hooking up at the party or at the mall, friends with benefits, texting, and facebook. What are you thinking, doing, and talking about? How to make smart choices! Just a Sip or a Puff….No Big Deal? Overview: Experimentation with alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs during adolescence is common. Unfortunately, teenagers often don’t see the link between their actions today and the consequences tomorrow. Teens also have a tendency to feel indestructible and immune to the problems that others experience. How Much Will Ignorance Cost Me? Overview: Many times we think as teenagers that we know everything there is to know about life and that our parents know nothing. Come find out just how much you know about preparing for life and the consequences for not knowing the things you should. Prepare for the unexpected!